The yahoo password needs to be protected from the unknown attacks of the outside and the threats of the malware of the hackers. Since we share sensitive information over the emails most of the time. It may be our bank credentials or may be the account number or any other password or personal details which should not be leaked. We know that the email platform has access the SSL security yet, the hackers find out ways to break apart the security layer and hack different account. So apart from the security from the email servers we also need to adopt some method as a user to avoid common pitfalls.

However, though at times despite protection we lose grip from our account. In such a situation to stop the leeching we need to reset the password and restrict hacker from accessing any more information.

There are the steps laid down my yahoo customer support that you need to follow –

If you are using the mobile phone to reset –

  • Go to sign in helper
  • Enter the email address or the mobile phone number
  • If you can receive text messages click on “Yes, text me a code”
  • Enter the verification code
  • Click on verify

If you are using the alternate email address to reset –

  • Go to the Sign-in helper
  • Enter the email address
  • If you have access to the email click on the option, “Yes, send me a code”
  • Now you need to enter the verification code provided
  • Then click Verify

If you are using the security questions to reset –

  • If you want to use the secret questions to reset your password once more then go to the sign in helper
  • Then you need to select the option “I have a problem with my password”
  • Now you must enter your yahoo ID and then click on the Next option
  • Then you need to select the use my secret question option and enter the CAPTCHA code
  • You need to select the option “Use my secret questions” and then click on “Next” button
  • You have to enter the new password and to confirm you need to click on the “next” option.

In order to implement these steps in the right order you need to talk to the experts over the yahoo tech support phone number, which is toll-free and accessible 24/7 and 365 days in a year. They are easily available for any kind of remote support.