Gmail, the leading web-mail service, is offering its users the best way to commune from anywhere across the globe. There might be minor or complex glitches which can prove to be unhealthy for your Gmail account. If you happen to face any Gmail issue, the best resort for you is to Contact our Gmail customer service & support which is very easy to be availed by unfortunate Gmail users.

The Gmail problems which might crop up in any Gmail user are as following:-

  • Gmail not loading errors
  • Gmail setup problems
  • Sign in problems
  • Composing mail errors
  • File attachment problems
  • Download attachment issues
  • Account privacy snags
  • Hacked Gmail account problems
  • Blocked account errors

Why Need Gmail Customer Care Number?

The individuals who are confused as to why need Gmail customer service number should know that all the Gmail issues can’t be solved by the Gmail users because of the fact that most of the users are having no knowledge of the resolution methods of their Gmail problems. Hence, it becomes more problematic for them when they are stuck into the issues which they can’t fix on their own. These problems can be a blocked account issue, hacked account issue, Gmail not loading issues and so on. So, by just dialing a Gmail customer care number of our firm, you can get speedy resolution of your Gmail tech blockades.

After getting instant support from our Gmail executives, you can have a sigh of relief and resume your important work which was disturbed due the sudden occurrence of your Gmail associated problems. We can fix Gmail snags with the help of our best mechanisms and help you get back your smile once again. Our experts’ assistance is just the best way to get rid of your Gmail problems. Our Gmail customer service & support staff can help you with varied security dimensions which help you use your Gmail account to its utmost level. You will find our Gmail customer service very beneficial for a number of following reasons:-

  • Our tech staff is polite and listen to your Gmail issues patiently.
  • We offer you our services round the clock which is itself a noticeble feature of our firm.
  • We resolve your queries in a less time which is why our services are highly preferred.

Hence if you are seeking best Gmail customer service & support, then call our Gmail Customer Care technicians directly.

How to Change Gmail password?

  • View Gmail “Sign in” page and enter your exact email ID and password.
  • Go to the “Settings” and select “Account and import” option.
  • Select “Change account settings” you may view “Change password and Other Google account settings” options and you would have to click to “Change password”.
  • Type your old password in the “Password filed” and then click to the “Change password link”.
  • Enter your new password in the “New password filed”.
  • Renter your new password in the “Confirm password filed eventually.

This way you can change your Gmail password successfully and access your Gmail account in any devices and browser application file.

How to recover Gmail password?

  • If you have forgotten or lost your Gmail password then you have to start the recovery process from Gmail log in screen itself.
  • In the log in screen select “need help” button which you can find just under the sign in box.
  • When redirected to next page, select “I don’t know my password” option from the menu to go further in the process. In the next screen it will ask your account email address which you will have to enter in the given field
  • In the next screen it will ask if you can remember any of the last passwords you have used so far. If you can recall any than enter that password or if you can’t remember any than tap on “don’t know” button.
  • Now choose the recovery method from phone number, email and security questions.

Choose email as recovery option if you want to receive the one time password in your email.

Gmail Password Recovery Phone Number

If you choose Gmail password recovery phone number than you will shortly receive an one time password in your recovery phone. So make sure before choosing this option that you still have access to that phone number.

If you have lost access for both the recovery phone and email, you can recover your password by answering the security questions which you have selected at the time of account registration.

  • Now when you have received the OTP, you will have to enter it in the given field. Doing so will redirect you to the next screen where it will ask you to enter the new password for your account log in.
  • Enter a unique password and then go back to the Gmail log in page and log into your account with the new password.

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