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Facebook is the most popular social networking website with immense following all over the world. Most of its services are free, but some services such as promotional services are paid. Facebook is one of the biggest platforms to connect people and one can share pictures, videos and variety of other information through their profile. People can also chat, make phone calls and video calls through Facebook. It is also possible to create one’s own personal page to promote their thoughts, views or ideas or even products and services. People also create groups for this purpose. Facebook also allows enterprises to use its platform to promote and sell their product and services.

The need for third party customer support

With every passing day, Facebook is adding more and more features and creating avenues to promote personal businesses, views and ideas. However, the users often come across different types of issues while using their Facebook accounts. Facebook does have a troubleshooting system, but it takes ages for them to respond and rectify the problems given the large number of users. But one cannot stop using Facebook because of the problem and require help and that is why third party customer support is available.

We offer round the clock service to resolve of all types of Facebook related problems including hacking and security related problems. We also help users to make use of interesting apps to make the Facebook use more interesting on their handheld devices or smart phones. Customers just need to get in touch by dialing Facebook support number and speak to us to get any type of solution or guidance related to Facebook.

Our Services

You can do a lot with your Facebook profile and you can also face a great deal of problems. Sometimes some problems are one off and may not be occurring commonly. But that does not mean that such problems cannot be resolved. Here are some issues which are commonly reported by customers at Facebook Contact Number and what we do to help them to get hold of the situation:

Forgot Password

This is a very common problem and many customers forget their password and call Facebook Phone Number for help. The solution to this is very simple and users can get rid of it very easily. All they need to do is click on the link ‘forgot password’ and straightaway a verification link will be sent to customer’s email address registered with Facebook. They will have to go to their email id and click on the link and they will be directed to a page where they will have to create the new password. Once done they will be logged off from all other devices from wherethey are logged into Facebook as they will be able to use only this new password to log into Facebook account.

Privacy Issues

We at Facebook Help Number help you handle your privacy features in a smart and efficient manner.


You would not want people to just go ahead and write or share anything on your timeline. Sometimes we make friends with people we don’t know in our real life. So, it is better not to allow people access to your wall to post things. This can be done by going to privacy settings and select the option which prevents anybody from accessing your timeline.

Profile Picture

Facebook now allows you to prevent other people were not in your friend list from checking your order provides pictures or during comments and likes on your present to provide picture. All you need to do is select the option friends only and the people outside your friend list will be only able to see your profile picture and nothing else.

Tagging problems

More and more people complain when they call us at Facebook Helpline Number about being bothered by people who tag them for useless things and activities which they were not part of what are not interested. Is that allows the option to review tagging. When you are tagged you will be notified, only if you want it will be added to your timeline. So, from now one you can prevent people filling your wall with their pictures.

Friend Requests

You can save yourself from getting a friend request from unknown and undesirable people by just going for the option in and privacy settings-who can send you friend request. Here you will have to select the option only friends of friends. Call Facebook Support Number to make use of this privacy feature properly.

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