There are certain best practices which users must follow while drafting their mails and messages to be sent to the intended recipients. Under ideal cases, when users tend to send too many data or information in the form of mail, they tend to keep the mail content crisp and short, and include all the necessary data and annexures in the form of attachments. However, there are a few complications which users need to take into consideration before attaching content to their mail. First and foremost, all files and data which are attached are first scanned before being enclosed with the mail. In case of any infected files, the same would not get attached. In addition to that, users cannot add any executable files in the mail content as a form of an attachment.

Barring these specifications, there have been multiple cases when customers have reported technical glitches in attaching files and content along with the mail content, which can be attributed to many a reason:-

a) Internet band width – This is one of the basic reasons wherein the band width of the network is too low for the file to get attached to the mail content. The upload process gets timed out, and the attachment process is incomplete

b) SSL turned off – Though not very common, this also can be a potential cause of attachment related issues. Users must ensure that the SSL key is turned on, and the user is using HTTPS to secure their Yahoo account

c) Browser related issues – There are times when attachments fail due to browser related issues such as settings, configurations or extensions added to browsers. Users in such cases are recommended to try out different browsers and check if this fixes the issue.

Talking of trouble shooting such issues, users can always connect to the Yahoo Customer Service team for assistance via any of their support platforms over which they deliver best in class support services. Other than that, there are a few steps which users can follow in order to avoid and trouble shoot attachment related issues which are mentioned below:-

a) Selection of SSL – Although Yahoo always defaults to the SSL enabled, still users must check in case there are any custom changes to the settings due to which the SSL has been disabled. In such cases, it needs to be enabled in order to ensure security to the Yahoo account

b) Issue with the paperclip icon – There are times when the paper clip item does not work. This may be the case when the user has disabled JavaScript in his browser due to which the file chooser does not appear. In such cases, users may try to drag and drop the content to the mail body

c) Browser related issues – Users can also try removing or disabling the browser extensions and give a try. There are chances that the attachment error may get solved

Users can also try out the basic mode of Yahoo mail in case it allows the attachment of files to the mail body

Anyways, they are always free to connect to the Yahoo Technical Support team seeking their help in the resolution of such issues.