Facebook is the top social networking site that is utilized by more than 1.86 billion people in the world. When you can’t use Facebook it’s anything but difficult to get frustrated and upset; however, you can fix numerous Facebook issues without anyone else so you can log back in, share another photograph or appreciate a superior experience. We’ll assist you with fixing the absolute greatest Facebook issues and issues so you can use the service more and even square the things that bother you the most. If you are searching for Facebook spam blocker support, video visit support, news channel backing or Facebook application support, at that point you should simply discover the Facebook Support Phone Number +1-888-401-0701.

1.How to stop seeing post from someone

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On the off chance that somebody you know posts over and over again or posts things you don’t prefer to see, you can unfollow them, without unfriending them.

This is easy to do, and nobody will realize that you’ve unfollowed them. It’s a show free approach to quit seeing pictures, political posts and irritating updates from somebody without the problems of unfriending them.

  • Search for them on Facebook.
  • Click on the Following Box.
  • Click on Unfollow [name].

2. How to see important friends first

A major Facebook issue isn’t seeing the posts from the friends you care about and need to see. You can set up Facebook to show you specific posts first. This is what you have to do.

  • Search for them on Facebook.
  • Click on Following
  • Click on See First

This will put everything from this person at the top of your timeline. You can likewise do this for pages and organizations.

3. How to fix Facebook login problems

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If you can’t log in to Facebook it could be an issue with Facebook, or it may very well be issues that you can understand. At times you may see Facebook error 2, or can’t sign in error.

If this occurs, the primary thing to attempt is marking into Facebook on another device. That will inform you as to whether it is an issue with your app, that device or with your password.

If you can sign in on another device, have a go at restarting the issue device.

When you can’t sign in on any device you have to reset your password. To do this :

  • Go to the main Facebook page and click on Forgot Account.
  • Enter your email or phone number and afterward click on the search.
  • Facebook will show a list of accounts.
  • Click on This is My Account by the account that is yours.
  • Pick how to get your password sent to you.

4. How to fix Facebook privacy problems

Recently, Facebook made a mistake and show private posts as public but they have fixed this problem. But you still need to check your post’s privacy on time to time.

when you are going to post something, click on the little globe symbol that will say Public, Friends or another group posting and pick the new group of people you want to be able to see the status.

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